Introduction of Bisei Sangyo since 1956 - Brand Story Cuconé

Founded in 1956, Bisei Sangyo is one of the leading companies in Hikone, the city in Shiga prefecture known as the production center of undergarments in Japan.

La ville de Hikone dans la préfecture de Shiga est réputée pour la production de sous-vêtements.


BISEI SANGYO Co. Ltd a été fondée dans la préfecture de Shiga à Kimotocho en 1956 en tant qu'usine de sous-traitance pour les fabricants de sous-vêtements féminins.

Inherited in tradition of tabi socks production prior to World War II, its sewing technology is today the key to maximize the beauty of women’s underwear. 

The process of manufacturing bras for example, may include about 30 steps, and the sewing process demands a high level of experience and technical skills. 


In order to satisfy diversifying needs, Bisei Sangyo has been expanding manufacturing capacity and runs 4 factories in Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China under control of Japanese high standard quality.


In  2015, Bisei Sangyo decided to launch their own brands on top of subcontract business, and gave birth to Cuconé, a completely new concept inspired by Lolita fashion which proudly presented in Paris at the Salon International de la Lingerie show in 2020.